Applying for a UK firearms or shotgun certificate?

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Fast medical reports for your UK firearms and shotgun application

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What we do

Our fully qualified, actively practicing GPs aim to turn around medical reports for UK firearms and shotgun applications within one week of receiving your medical records from your surgery. No face-to-face appointments necessary. Complete the  Application  as well as our   Consent Form . On receipt we will send you our information sheet and Subject Access Request (SAR) letter template so you can request your medical records from your GP.  We will  create your medical report and send it to the Police Firearms Officer who is processing your firearms application. We do recommend that you first check with your own GP to see if this is a service they provide.


Details and fees

About us

Dr Ian Mckenzie is a partner in Pencester  GP surgery in Dover, Kent and actively engaged in the sport of shooting.  After being contacted by the British Association For Shooting and Conservation (BASC) to participate in their medical panel he realised that he could help fellow firearms certificate holders with their UK firearms and shotgun applications with medical reports.  We are now the longest established private firearms medical reports service in the UK. We have built strong relationships with the police firearms licensing teams, particularly in the South of England.

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How our process works


After receipt of your    Contact/Application and Consent forms we will send you an information sheet and SAR’s letter template for you to request your medical records. Once we have  received your medical records we will conduct a review of them against the criteria the Police require, which include Acute Stress Reaction, Suicidal Thoughts or Self Harm/Harm to others, Dementia, Mania, Bipolar, Psychotic Illness, Personality Disorders, Neurological Conditions, Alcohol or Drug Abuse, Depression and any other relevant condition. If any apply, these will be included in our medical report.


We send your medical report to you and the Police. Only the Police can make a decision to issue your firearms certificate; we provide a factual report based on your medical reports and do not make any recommendations on your suitability to own a firearm. If your report identifies any potential issues, this is not necessarily a bar to you owning a firearm, the police will contact you to seek further information to clarify and understand any potential issues.


To process your firearms application, we require a set of your medical notes. If you are renewing an existing licence most police forces are now insisting that a life time of records must be reviewed or, if relevant, a minimum of 30 years worth  (except in Wales where a full set of notes is needed for all applications).   For an initial application we need a full set of notes including specialist letters and copies of the old record cards once known at ‘Lloyd George’ cards.  You are entitled to request a copy of your medical notes (via a SAR’s) without charge under GDPR and your surgery must provide these within 1 month. To enable us to do this you are  required  to complete our Application Form  and  Consent  (please ensure your signature on the consent form is in your handwriting).  In general we have found that the process runs most smoothly if you manage the request for your records.  However, some surgeries will request that we contact them directly and we are happy to dod this when needed.